MJ Vitality provides workplace learning solutions through social and emotional skill building, awareness, and emotional intelligence to build adaptable people with effective relationships to have stronger workplaces.

Our Mission

We spend more time with our workmates than our own loved ones. When we build awareness of our mental and emotional needs we build communities that foster care and kindness.

Just think if we could build healthier habits daily in our workplaces how this would ripple out into the world we live in. Not just increasing our profitability and efficiency but being a corporate leader in building happy and healthier communities.

When your employees are awake and aware, they work harder and get more work done. What are you doing to create awareness in your employees?

When workplaces and people are connected, their sense of belonging is greater and leads to better work. How is your organization promoting connection?

Creating a community within your organization is crucial for growth. How are you implementing a community daily?