MJ Vitality provides worksite wellness solutions, combining mind-body and self awareness tools to help you create a holistic work environment. Building adaptable people with effective relationships, to have stronger workplaces and communities.

We can incorporate this into an existing wellness program, or we can help you develop and initiate a company’s wellness plan from the ground up. An effective and successful workplace wellness program can help improve an organization’s culture and change lives.

Our Mission

We spend an average of 9 hours a day, more awake hours at work, than anywhere else. In today’s environment developing a workplace that encourages and promotes healthy behaviors will not only benefit the company with lower turnover rates, fewer absences, and increases in productivity but you will have developed happier, connected, resilient people in the process.

Just think what a world we could build with healthier habits daily in our workplaces. Taking the lead in creating happy and healthier communities.

When your employees are awake and aware, they work harder and get more work done. What are you doing to create awareness in your employees?

When workplaces and people are connected, their sense of belonging is greater and leads to better work. How is your organization promoting connection?

Creating a community within your organization is crucial for growth. How are you implementing a community daily?